Capabilities of Adalo Free Plan for publishing and utilizing app

Dear colleagues,

I’m a start up web developer.

Interested to start creating webs and apps on Adalo.

As far as I’ve understood there is an opportunity to work on Free Plan

Can you please consult me regarding the opportunities Free Adalo Plan provide me with.

May I create a PWA or mobile application with this Free Adalo Account?

Am I entitled to publish created PWA or APP as a web-site under Adalo branding within this Free Plan?

Are there any limitations for the Number of clients my App or PWA can accept within this Free Plan?

Are there opportunities to use wrappers like GoNative or Dropsource to transfer an app constructed within Free Plan into the Native app?

Thank you for the assistance,

Deyneka Dmitry

Hi @Conteclaust.Prosper,

The Adalo | Publishing & Distribution Help Doc might be useful as a starting point! You can also go through the Pricing Page for more information on the free tier limitations.


Hey there @Conteclaust.Prosper

I’ll simply provide answers to your questions.

Yes, you may create a PWA and/or a mobile application with a free Adalo account.

No, you may not publish a PWA or a native app under the free plan. You must upgrade to a paid plan to publish either the PWA or native app.

Yes, you are limited to 200 total records in your database. This includes the user collection. So if you only have a user collection (which is highly unlikely), you will be limited to 200 users.

No, there are not any types of wrappers to wrap the PWA into a native app.

Your best bet is to jump into the Starter plan, that way you’re not limited to 200 records and you’ll be able to publish your PWA and/or native apps.

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