Capability to integrate some of the elements of Adalo in native app

Hi! It’s possible to integrate piece of the project made in Adalo to the existing native app, to test some hypotheses instead of building a new app on Adalo, and then test?

I would appreciate any information about it.

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You mean copy a screen in one app to another one? :slightly_smiling_face:

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@dilon_perera , Yes. For example, I made one screen in Adalo, and I want to integrate it into my app, to test how people will behave with the new screen, and then based on this make changes in a native app. I worry about the clash of service with native code.

@GZH If I understand you correct you mean like this right? :innocent:

To the other app right @GZH ? :blush:

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Not quite so. For example) I have an app in appstore, it was written on native code, it’s there, and works. One day I come up with a hypothesis, that for example screen for login should be redesigned. I have a redesigned screen. Instead of using developers, I want to use Adalo. I made a screen in Adalo, then I want it to transfer to my app. It’s possible to transfer only this screen to my app? And through what process I can do it? But first of all, is it possible at all.

Oh so a app created with coding and you want to add a screen created by Adalo right?

Yep, you’re right. Is it possible?

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Hmm I think it’s not possible @GZH :neutral_face:

You can put this feature request here.

You can vote here too @GZH

And if someone knows about this he will post it here @GZH :innocent:

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