Displaying only corresponding subcategories after choosing a category in form


I’m facing trouble with form ; i would like when choosing a category of products in the first field of the form and get only the subcategories of this particular category displayed on the second field. For instance, all the subcategories of all categories are displayed despite of selecting a specific one. That’s troublesome for users.

I’ve found a previous topic in the forum but the example is not available anymore.

Thanks for your help

Hi @chrl :wave:

I don’t know how to do this with the form. But I know how to do this with two dropdowns.

Here’s a example.( Created with two dropdowns )

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Thanks a lot, it’s working this way !

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Great and your welcome :+1:

One more question, by letting down the form to get multiple dropdpowns instead, do I have a way to get the “field is required” option when one of the dropdowns is not completed ?

Thanks a lot

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Hmm. How about adding visibility conditions?

Because I think in Custom form no way to make the fields as required. In form can.

Here’s a video.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

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