How to filter relationship lists within a form?

Below I have screenshots of the issue. I have a collection called policies and a collection called categories. As you can see, the three categories belong to the policy “funeral”, and so I only want these three categories to show up when I select “funeral” in the first form dropdown. I don’t want a user to see the three categories if they chose a different policy type (such as “home” or “life”) in the first dropdown.

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I think the best way is to do this add two dropdowns ( Custom form ) and filter the dropdown that has set to the Categories collection. If I’m not wrong I think you can’t do this with the form component @sladerose.

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Hi @sladerose. What @dilon_perera says is the way to go. Here is quick sample I built. I hope it leads you into the right direction.


As far as I know, the dropdown menu select components are still broken? They’ve been broken for over a month now.

Now the dropdown is fixed

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