Linked 2 dropdown in a form

I have 2 collections:

collection 1 is called “Category” with almost 10 records.
collection 2 is called “Subcategory” with almost 100 records.
these 2 collections are currently linked.

I have a form that allow user to create a profile, the form has 2 drop downs, one for Category and one for sub-category

i want when user pick a category from the first dropdown, it only shows the relevant sub-category of that item in the second drop down. at the moment both drop downs show full list and there’s no way i can filter either of them.

the select filter for subcategory drop down doesn’t give me an option to filter that based on the content of category dropdown:

i chose other component but it takes you the chain of pages with no end

Hi @sammirzad,

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There’s now way to filter another drop down based on another drop down in a form and to do that you need make a custom form with drop downs!

You can check these videos for a examples : Adalo Dropdowns Select & Filter Town / City (Part 1/2) - YouTube, Setting up State and City Selections - YouTube, Filtering Dropdown.mp4 - Google Drive

Thank you

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Hello, this can be done with adding dropdowns as components and not in a form. Then you can filter the second dropdown to show results based on the first one.

Thank you!

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Thanks Dilon, Now i have another problem, how to make the custom form inputs mandatory !

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