Celebration screen

I want to create a celebration screen that shows up the first time only when a certain threshold of posts has been reached. Once I click “OK” that screen should not show up again. Is that possible? And if so, would love to get some help with setting it up correctly :pray:

Hi @sonaliagrawal

Sure that’s possible. First you want to add a True/False to your user collection called “celebrate” or whatever. Then you want a couple of conditional actions:

  1. Every time you add a post, an action that sets “celebrate” to “True” if count[posts] = 50 (or whatever).
  2. On your posts page you want to set a conditional action “when user arrives on this page” and “celebrate” = “True” navigate to you celebration screen.

On your celebrations screen you want an OK button that navigates back and sets “celebrate” back to “False”.

You can add additional celebrations by adding conditional actions like 1 above for 100, 500 etc.

@speakupboy thank you so much for your reply. I think it all makes sense, but the only part that confuses me at this time is the "setting ‘celebrate’ back to ‘false’. Is there a way I can see that with screenshots if not too much to ask?

Hello, here’s how to add an action to set the “Celebrate” (TRUE/FALSE) property to False:

Thank you!

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