Conditional screen displays

I’d like to display a screen conditionally. The logic I am pursuing is:

if(collection->count == 0) showHomeScreen(); else showAnotherScreen();

Is this possible in Adalo?

I think not right now but soon they implement it. Am I right @Ben

Correct, we currently don’t support conditional actions, but it is something that we want to get out soon.

It’s there a means to DM you? Sorry, not seeing it.

@tylerssn If you click on my name, there is a message button, I’m fairly confident that is how you can send me a DM. Or you can message me on the Adalo Community Slack channel

Sorry, not seeing the option.


I don’t see a messaging option on your profile page either.

A workaround solution may be to implement one generic screen containing elements of both ‘HomeScreen’ and ‘AnotherScreen’, and then hiding/showing the required elements based on the collection count.

This feature is now possible @Jay. The intial questions were from 8 months ago :slight_smile:

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