Change background on toggle

Hey !

Can we change the background theme/appearance of all screens by using toggle component / switch ?
(What I’m trying to do is Toggle between dark & light themes)

@Colin / @Ben , could someone help me on this feature ?

Thanks ! :beers:

Hi Franc,

This is not natively possible, but you could duplicate the screens and make the background black and then from the switch send them to those screens depending on the true/false property.

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Would it also be possible to overlay the dark theme’s components over the light theme’s components on the same screen and set the visibility of each version to be dependent on whether the toggle is set to on or off?

(Forgive me if that wouldn’t work. I’m in my first week here and just learning the ropes.)

That works ! but would be a chaotic workspace i believe.

Hi @Mary.

I guess so, but the other aspects like font color and icons would be not suit the new theme.

Example : In light theme the font colors could be Black , but if we had overlay screen the background changes yet the font remains the same (black theme with black fonts/icons)

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