Change de id from API database

Guys, I need some help please!
I need to choose the car version based on your brand.
The API requires a value that is the “id” of the brand:**21**.json

the number 21 is the id referring to the FIAT car brand

I need this value to be dynamic so that my dropdown will display the car versions according to the selected brand.


the models / versions shown in the second dropdown are according to the number entered in the API call (in this case 21-fiat). I need that, when selecting the vehicle brand in the first dropdown, the second dropdown changes the brand id number according to the selected option.

Thanks in advance

@Ben could you help me about this question, please?

Unfortunately you cannot use magic text here yet.

However, what you could do is set up a custom collection for each brand individually.

@dallacort This feature is now available :slight_smile: