Dynamic dropdowns

In my register form flow I have two dropdowns that ask what car brand and car model they are driving.

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 10.27.43

These two fields are linked to a collection/database so they are populated automatically.
What I would like to achieve is when a user choses for example ‘Alfa Romeo’ in the first dropdown, only the car models of the car brand ‘Alfa Romeo’ should be visible in the car model dropdown.

Is that something that is possible in Adalo?


Yes you can do it by inserting an hidden text field on that screen. When you select “Alfa Romeo”, the action should be - change imput value - Set equal to Alfa Romeo. Then on the second selector, filter it like - car manufacturer = imput field value.
Hope that helped


Great, worked like a charm.

Thanks for the quick and correct response, Eugen!

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Great ! Glad that helped

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