Help with some specific to-dos / problems

Hi guys!

How are you? Hope all of you find well.
First of all, sorry for my english (I´m a Spanish speaker).

I´m building a native app and I need some help with some specific to-dos / problems.
Here some of the problems:

  1. Change Text to Date in Adalo
  2. Filter without duplicates - External Collection

There are other to-dos / problems but depends this problems will be solved.
Anyone interested?

Thank you so much.

Hey jvmartincobos! I think I can help you with your second problem. If I correctly understood you, you just need to exclude from the dropdown menu duplicates? I can create custom component for you, which will be exact same dropdown menu, but only with unique values. And after that, you’ll be able to show all of the needed values in simple adalo list, using matching filters.

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Hey @Davidaa_WoW!

First of all, thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply.
I have solved the two problems of my first message.

Now, we have two other problems:

  1. Can´t update Airtable Record
  2. Dropdown custom sort filter

Can you help me?
Thanks in advance.