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Hi there. I have been a loyal Adalo user for a Long time. I managed to build sellable web apps. Love The layout and The design tools. Made some pretty powerful API connections as well…

The decision point for me is probably GDPR…It I not possible to deliver a wep App in Europe which is GDPR Compliant. Several reasons for this:

  • can’t make the web app compliant with privacy laws. Because Cookie consent can’t be implemented since I have no access to the source code.
  • No hosting solutions in Europe.

This is really sad… But kind of hard to stay. Since it is not possible to use for business in Europe


Can you wrap the webapp in a frame that serves cookie consent before proceeding?
Hosting should be overcome by standard contractual clauses.

GDPR is a minefield so I am all for discussing it / trying to learn.

Hi It won’t help wrapping it in a web frame. Cookies are still released before consent (not allowed).

As soon as your users enter your webapp - it revealed your IP to a server in US. It does not matter if they are logged in or not. IP address is considered Personal Information. It is not allowed to “contract” your way out of it.

I have consulted professional legal advice on the matter.

You might think of having an html coded somewhere for that, then redirect them to the webapp itself

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Can’t you build a landing page elsewhere and ask for consent before they are directed to the Adalo app? Also you can have external users on Xano and set server location to Europe. I’m not legal expert though just some ideas.


Thx for the suggestions. I will look into it. The problem with Xano, is that the way into Xano probaly is through Adalo servers (in the US) European data regulations are so extremely tight as of now. Hopefully it will loosen up soon.

Does flutter allows you to be GDPR compliant?

Yes - because you can download the source code and host it anywhere. It also opens up the possibility to insert a cookie consent banner at the top of the code.

It’s basically just Flutter and Dart

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Well yeah, unfortunately adalo doesn’t support the ability to download the code even though it’s react native

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