Different image to show, depending on value, possible?

Hi, would like to create an option where a button (in this case an image) shows when there a certain value, and a different button (an image underneath) to show when there’s another value. Is this possible?

I’m trying to put to similar images of buttons on top of eachother in different colors, and put the top one to only be visible “if”… When the top button is not visible, the image underneath does also disappear.

I have a gray facebook-icon, and a blue one. I put the gray first, and the blue on top. If the value of the facebook-link equals something else than a facebook-link, the blue button is not visible. But then neither is the gray one.

Shouldn’t this be possible?

Hi, yes it is possible and here is how to do it !
enjoy !

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Thanks man, I will try out this solution!