Chat + button issue

Hello all,

I have ‘list of users’ page and when a user clicks on another particular user, a ‘view profile’ page opens which contains a ‘chat’ icon.

It appears that if I click the ‘chat’ icon twice, 2 separate chat boxes open up in main ‘list of chats’ page. I clicked the chat icon twice by accident and 2 separate chat boxes opened up. How do I correct this? Any suggestions?

I followed the tutorial. Am I getting these 2 boxes because there are 2 ‘update’ actions on click (one for current user and one for logged in user)?

We have an open ticket for this as a bug when the button is clicked multiple times before all the actions have completed. The dev team is working on it.

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@ashley any update on this?

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Seems like not solved… I am still facing same issue