Chat Issue - is it a bug?

Hello all,

I built the chat functionality in my app following the instructions in the tutorial. Worked like a charm last night. But this morning, when I started up again, it looks like the app picked up an issue.

I log in — I create my profile — “find users” shows other users nearest to me ---- I click on a user name and send a chat message ---- I click “back” to the profiles page …and this is when I see a blank screen instead of continuing to show other users nearest to me.

I created some 20 testing profiles and tried it on some 5 users. Obviously, I tried this using the “PREVIEW” button, the first time everything is hunky dory. The second time when I “PREVIEW” it again, the profiles page is blank. Same happens when I log in using a different user profile. The first time it is beautiful. The second time is when the profiles page is blank.

I thought it was a slow loading page and waited for 30 seconds (timed it) and it didn’t work. So is this a bug or just a cache issue? Will this issue persist in the mobile app if the user doesn’t log out?

Just to add here, I cleared my cache and cookies, logged in again and the issue still persists. It seems to me that in the HOME page, if there are 2 or more ‘conversations’, the profiles page goes blank.