Chat Error, change current user automatically

Hi Guys, I’ll quickly explain the problem I’m investigating but I can’t find an answer:

Initial situation: no conversation present for the logged in user
Proceed to create new chat with friend.

Once the conversation has been created and then inside it, as you can see, the username (current user = Gabriella) of the friend you are chatting with is displayed CORRECTLY.

Here’s the problem:
Going back (to the screen that shows all your present conversations) and then re-entering the same chat, I realize that the name of the friend shown above has changed (in Giuseppe, that I, the logged in user). The field displayed is always the same (current user) and it seems very strange to me as you can see each message from friend, in the chat has the correct name (gabriella).

How can it happen that only the name in the top bar (tilte) changes for CURRENT USER? It should stay in GABRIELLA and not change!

Thanks so much.

up please…is horrible error…

Can you post some screenshots of the available data of those screens, as well as the magic text setup of that title and also the action that takes you to that screen.

hello, the screen of chat screen data and chat user name.


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