Current user name not displayed when joining the chat through the chatroom screen

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I built the chat functionality in my app following the instructions in the tutorial. Everything works fine when I chat with an user clicking on the chat icon on his profile. In order to have fast access to all my chatrooms, I created an icon on the bottom of the application when I can see all the chatrooms of the log in user. In this chatrroom, I added a link to the chat screen but when I enter in the chat, I can’t see anymore the chat title wich is supposed to be the current user name. I see in my link that the current user information is missing in my link (I attach a picture). Question is: how to do it ?
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Could you add some more screenshots of the screens? ( The screen that has the icon , the screen that has the list of conversations )

And also is it possible to add some screenshots of the conversation list actions? If you can share a video showing these all settings that would be great!

Thank you

Check you haven’t any copies of the screens in the flow, these copies that you might make whilst iterating a design or feature will leave you with broken links to screens further down the “flow”.

Hi Dilon, sure.
Here is the screenshot of my chatroom screen, you can see that below on all my screen, I have the bottom screen where I can click to see all the chat I have.

Here is the conversation list action

Now, look at the result

When I go through the chat icon from the current user profile screen, I don’t have this issue as I see the current user name properly
I hope it helps, thanks !

Hi Rozza, no copies of the screens, but 2 ways of getting to the chat : via the chat icon from the user profile of the other user and from the bottom list (in all my screens) where I can see all my current chatrooms. Thanks !

Most likely because that menu bar is present on all screens, it’s creating a loop. You have to break that loop by not having a link from the bottom menu on the user profile screen. That would be my next thing to check.

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Thanks for the screenshots.

I think the list should send only current conversation data right? Because the list is connected to the conversations collection? Also did you checked about the link actions on the tab bar like @Rozza mentioned? That maybe the problem too.

A detailed explanation about this by @pford : Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Not Available On a Screen - YouTube , Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube

If it’s ok you can give access for this email : ( gear icon on left and app access section and add the email ) and I’ll check that!

Thank you

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Hi thanks Rozza and Dilon for the tips I 'll have a look I think I understood the issue :slight_smile:

Awesome! Let us know how it goes!

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