An issue with the chat

Hi All,

I suddenly started having an issue with the chat which was not present before.

If I create a conversation by searching through the users in the chat, all is fine.

If I create/go to a conversation from the current user’s post page, then the conversation is created correctly with all the right members but the messages in the chat go to random people even though I use “current conversation messages” and the message receiver is the current user. Very often it ends up that the message receiver and the message sender are both logged in user…

Why suddenly it started happening? I 've spent already several hours checking, but I really cannot find the reason for conversation members being different from messages receiver…


It picks different users somehow from the product page vs the list of conversations page. I rebuilt the connections between the screens and now it is vice versa:
everything started working from the product page (the right messages sent to the right users) and if I enter this conversation through the list of conversations, it again starts picking random users to send a message…

Can you share screenshots of how you have set it up. Otherwise, we are unable to assist you in troubleshooting the problem.

@Colin Hi Colin, I believe I managed to find the solution myself. The issue is with sending data to/from different screens I think. So I had to create two identical screens to be linked to different sources… Otherwise I had this issue with random current users in the conversation messages list…

The funny thing is that the data from both screens above is showing correctly in the list of conversations screen, but that one does not return the right current user in the messages list where that screen is also connected to the product page. I think it can be because the link to the list of conversations is in the tab bar and it is connected to almost all of the screens in my app (all the data in it is unavailable…)?

Anyway, my workaround works now. Thanks for coming back to me!

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