Start a conversation on chat feature

Whenever i preview my start a conversation on my chat feature it pops up as if I dont have any users, I have 3. How do I fix this issue? Thank you so much! I attached images below to see what I was doing. Thanks again!


Two ideas here:

  1. Are there usernames in the collection? If that field is blank, it could cause issues here.
  2. Try searching for a username and see if you can find it. If you can, it’s the search field being null causing the issue.

Hope that helps,

Now the users pop up but when I click on them it wont start a conversation. How do I do it so when I click on the user it starts a conversation? I attached an image of my fields. Thanks!!

There shouldn’t be any issue with what you have above. That’s standard for the chat app.

I’d review the fields and order to make sure they make sense.

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