Chat Issues (empty & duplicated chats)

With a white background, not blue background, sorry.


Your Welcome!

You can change it from here and download the Lottie JSON.


Yep, but how do I incorporate it into Adalo app once I’ve downloaded it? Is it just as simple as adding a picture?

Oh I think I figured it out!!

You need to copy the downloaded file JSON and paste it in the Lottie file component! Check this out! : Add Lotties in Adalo.mp4 - Google Drive

Awesome! Good Luck!

Hi Dilon,

One more question - do you know how to restrict app sign-up so that only people with particular email addresses could register?

I need to allow only these email addresses to sign up: and

I tries several things but it didn’t work.



Hi Anna,

Added this! You can check!

Also this thread will help you too! : Restricting Sign Up Access by Domain Name (Work Email Only)

Thank you

That’s amazing, thank you so much! Is there a way to verify that email is real? I can do this myself if there is a link/guidance I can follow…


I just checked the app again and the email restriction function that you set up is not working anymore. I’m not sure why… did it not get saved? Or did I do something to disrupt it? Sorry…


Will check that again and let you know!

Hello Anna and Dilon,
I have the same problem, the seconde one…the conversations get duplicated…
I did what Dillon said but without succes…
Can you help me? What have you done at the end? :slight_smile:

Dilon, do I need Adalo premium account to customise the sign-up button?

I am going to publish the app in the next couple of days so will be upgrading my account soon.


Anna, the problem was you deleted ( I guess ) the form that I created and added the built in form again.

Maybe Anna ( @AnnaMedic ) can share a video of what I did? What I did was used a new screen as a redirect screen and in there I checked if the user has a conversation with that user already open that chat and if not create a conversation and open the chat!

Edit : @Vanja, New mind I created a video that you can watch! : Stop Duplicating Conversations.mp4 - Google Drive

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Anna, you mean the Signup button in a built in form? You can :

Dilon @dilon_perera , thank you so much! Thank you for your time! I will study your video tomorrow, I hope I will succeed! :slight_smile: THX!!!

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Dilon @dilon_perera , I don’t understan, I can not see how you put two countdowns? In whitch minute of video? And, what happened on 0’58’’ and what on 1’02’‘? Only I can see is that you drag accros the screen and on the left side appears Group 24…On 1’11’', you put only Countdown but on left side is at the same time List 3 and Countdown 2…
Sorry, I gave my best…:frowning: Whan you have time…

Vanja, I didn’t added any countdowns. I just showed the already added 2 countdowns and I searched for the countdown to show you that, that’s the component you need to use. Hope all ok!

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