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I have a question regarding filtering, in the mobile app I created, there are two end users, the client and the psychologist. So, when signing up, I used the true / false properties in the user collection to identify the account signed up as client or psychologist by adding it to the Forms’ Fields then set automatically: Client? and so on. Now, when I am logged in as Pyschologist, then go to chat, then start a new chat, the list of people I want for the psychologist to see are the clients only, same applies when client is logged in, I want the client to see in the starting a new chat then the list of people shown are only the psychologist, I don’t want the client to see other clients name. Somehow that is the issue I am facing, when I am trying to log in as client, I could see the list of all users, clients and psychologist when supposedly only the list of psychologists I should be seeing.

Do you have two separate data collections for clients and psychologists? (Aside from your user collection)

Also do you have a collection for a just one Psychologist’s clients?

It’ll help if you share a screenshot of each data collection and their relationships.

Thank you for your response.

I don’t have a separate collection for clients and psychologists, I am only using the true / false properties under the user collection for the separation of user when signing up.

here I have two separate signup screens for client and psychologist, I just put in the field “set automatically: Client? True”.

Ahh I see, I think I maybe misread your first message!

Let me see your chat screen where you have your list of user. Specifically the list setup settings.

This is the screen and list setup.

I can’t think of a work-around for the filtering to list only the client (if the logged in user is psychologist) and list is only psychologist (if the logged in user is client).

make this chat screen for your psychologist chat side: Add an “and” filter and set it to user “client” is true

Copy this screen and make the new one for your clients chat side. You’ll have is set the same way except the “and” filter will be filters to “psychologists” is true

This way your clients will see only phycologists and psychologists will only see clients. I hope this helps if you need further assistance let me know

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It did work! Thank you very much for your help and fast respond. :innocent:
I’m gonna mark this as a solution.

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