Simple List: filtering out user's with existing chats with logged in user

Hi everyone,

I have a chat feature in my app

And I want users to be able to start chats with people that verify (follow/friended) their accounts

In the simple list I want to filter out users that ALREADY have existing chats with the logged in user, so I apply this filter below

This is the result: no users are filtered out. When I switch the variable in the filter from “Does not contain” to “Contains”, all users are filtered out.

Any help would be very much appreciated!


what is the logged-in user verificators list? what does it contain?
I see that this is the problem, use “all users” instead of that and it’ll work

This didn’t work, I encountered the same problem. I solved the problem though in a roundabout way.

By having a screen right afterwards that displays all chatrooms you have with the current user, a user can manage duplicate chatrooms on their own.

Hopefully in the future I can figure out a better way :upside_down_face:

Hi Ari,

I guess this is a bug. Not fully sure! Try Submitting a support ticket.

What happens if you group the components inside the list and add that filter to the group? But the opposite filter that you have added in your post. Like this :

Or try putting the Follow Logic there.

Thank you

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