Check username for uniqueness

Hi all,

I know this question has been asked before, but I can’t find the right thread(s) so hoping that someone will point me the right way.

I need to be able to check for uniqueness of username. Not at signing up, but at a later point.
I’m letting users choose a username for ‘deepish linking’ to their own public portfolio page (seperate web app). Of course this needs to be a unique username.

I want to prompt users when a username they want to use is already taken, and only allow ‘saving’ when they’ve filled a unique username.

Signing up for the app itself is done via email - no issues there.

Hi @StevenU,

I thing a usual ‘count’ approach should work for you.
E.g. in the most basic setup you have a visibility condition on “Post” button, which is visible only sometimes, if
All Users → Count, where Username is equal to Logged-in User → Username, is equal to 1.

Otherwise you display a label “choose another username” (opposite condition - not equal to 1).

Don’t have time to test it now but I think it should work.



Awesome simple solution. Works perfectly. Thanks!

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