Cht feature not loading new conversation screen

Hi, I am trying to copy a fairly simple chat feature into my app. It works perfectly right up until I click on a user to initiate a new conversation. At this point I get a message telling me ‘the cation cannot be completed’.

I have done a short video showing what is happening together with what I have on the on each screen and in the database.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello, can you please remove the update action (Only for testing), and then let me know if the error is still showing so we can detect the source of the issue.

Thank you!

Hi @chapperzz,

Could you try deleting the actions attached to the list and reload your screen and add them again?

Thank you


That worked thanks. However neither the list or the message now appears on the main chat screen?

Could you share some screenshots of that list setup and preview? If you like you can give access to this email ( ) for your app and I’ll look at that.

I’ll sort out access. Might have to be tomorrow now. Thanks :blush:

Hi, I have added you as a team member.


Please keep me posted on this guys, I’m having a similar problem!!

Hi, chat feature is sorted :blush: just wondering if you can take a look at the going and waiting list for events. There is a button on each event to see who is going. I can’t get the waiting list and adding to going list working

Hi, not quite working. The general chat feature isn’t showing new conversations. See images.

Current list of conversations

Not showing all of the conversations

missing convo

The event chat does not load.

event chat btn


Hi, did you manage to get access?

Yep! I’ll fix those within today or by tomorrow!

Hello, the new conversations will appear after you send the first message. Concerning the event chat button, it’s working and loading was removed. It was fixed.

Thank you!

I sent a new message several times to different people but they aren’t appearing.

Can you share a picture please? Because I’ve tried from my side and it’s working.

Thanks :blush:

missing convo

The conversation with Carol is not showing up. Am I doing something wrong?

Please try to signup as a new user and start a new conversation with another user. Because I’ve tested it and it’s working