Cinema Choose Seats Adalo

Good afternoon! I am trying to replicate a cinema app where you can choose your seats, and I don’t really know how to make that with adalo. Anyone know?

I would be sooooo grateful for your help :grinning:

This is possible but a little complicated perhaps. Each seat would have to be an item on the database under a seats collection. You could have a true false property on the database ‘occupied’.

Then each seat you need to make it a list.
So make a small seat image, then make that image a list where seat ID = (whatever seat).

Make a click action on the seat that’s updates current seat > occupied > is true.

Have a second seat image that sits directly on top of this in a different color. Custom visibility-visible sometimes IF current seat > occupied > is true.

That’s the basic idea of how you can do it. A little complicated though having so many lists on one page, maybe someone can think of a more simple solution.

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