How Can I build a seat booking Functionality in Adalo?

Hi, I’m building an app (Which is very urgent) that lets users book bus seats by selecting the seats they like. Here is the screenshot of what it would look like. Can anyone please help me with this, or if you have a solution for it, I would be very grateful if you share it with the community.

Thank you so much in Advance!

Hi Ark,

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This topic may help you!

Thank you

Hi Dilon, Thanks for replying. But the answers for that posts was not helpful for me, do we have another post or solution for this?

The main issue, I’m facing is: - Whenever I select a toggle to book a ticket it’s working perfectly fine even the bookings are generated!

But, when a new user enters the platform, He/She can view the same seat again. I mean, It should be invisible for them. But in the visibility section in Adalo, I can not see any options to achieve this.

Is there a way to fix this issue?

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