Circle Progress Bar & Magic Text

Hi! I’m using the circular progress bar where I’m using Magic text to set my min and max values. however the values are not showing up correctly.

here are my values:

  • “2 attempt” is the total number (max)
  • “2 made” is only the # made (progress)
  • These are both whole numbers in the DB.

Here’s a screenshot showing the # of made vs attmpt

The problem is the circles don’t appear to be showing correct proportions. Does anyone have any advice? I’m getting the % myself that I’ve laid on top of the chart.

Just did a test and it looks like the default % text that comes with the component isn’t registering correctly? Maybe there’s a bug with Magic Text and SUM?

Does the Circle Progress Bar only work based on column COUNT?
Looking at this article: Progress Bar - Adalo Resources

OMG! so I uninstalled and reinstalled the charts and now they are working?! Does anyone know why this would happen? Is it a data sync to Adalo servers? Does it cache data perhaps? I did a hard refresh on the browser as well as looked at the PWA - all showed the lack of magic text being read. VERY frustrating!