Stripe Subscription Error PaymentIntent

Hello everyone!

A question for all those who are using Stripe Subscription method…

I have noticed that the 1st payment to register as a “Subscriber” works perfectly and runs without problems, now… I am detecting that by having to run the “Automatic Renewal” in 100% of the cases, Stripe is returning this error: “The PaymentIntent needs a payment method.”

PaymentIntent State: “requires_payment_method”

As if the subscriber did not have an associated payment method, which I do not think is the case since the 1st payment is always executed successfully.

I can tell that in none of the cases have I been able to execute the 2nd payment of my subscribers.
And I have been testing this with more than 100 real subscribers.

Is someone experiencing this same problem?

Thanks to everyone in advance!

yes, I have the same problem, the Stripe component has a problem because no marks the card used as default payment method. I opened a ticket but Adalo says that he cannot reproduce the error and that everything is fine. my ticket was closed with no solution.

Oooh I was hoping it was a mistake on my part.
Well, there is no choice but to use another payment method.

The worst thing is that in-app purchases subscriptions are not available either.

Are you working with any other solution?

Thanks for your reply!

There is no other solution for subscription right now :frowning:

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