Clearing cache greatly improved performance of editor

Hey all,

Just sharing something I found in case it helps anyone else. Editing my rather complex app was slow as molasses. I mean it took minutes to update anything, especially upon first launching the editor. It usually got better over time but was slow as an ant moving through a tub of oil. Then last night I started getting uh oh errors and couldn’t click on any elements - basically just broke.

I then cleared all Adalo-related caches/cookies/etc in the browser and as soon as I did that, everything became super zippy! Everything is working well again, just like new!

This is with Safari on a Mac, fwiw.

Hope it helps!



Love the mental picture you create… :slight_smile:
Great tip by the way :metal:

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Ok I take it all back. Whatever happened, my editor speed was good for a while, but then it seemed to slow down even worse than usual. Now it’s so slow I can’t really get any work done. Clearing cache didn’t seem to make any different this time. It’s just a dog. So frustrating!

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Hi @paulh for me the best/only way to work on the editor is work using a private chrome window.

I hope this helps you.

Hi Paulh,

For me the Editor is slow when I was using Chrome. And after changing my browser to Brave the Editor performs well!

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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I’m trying it, thanks. It does seem to be overall a bit better, but get a lot of the disconnected messages. I just think my app is so big and fat (just like me!) it just bogs down any browser…