Editor getting slower and slower

It’s really a problem, I’ve been paying for the membership for months and the editor is getting slower and slower to the point of not being able to use it anymore. I’ve already reached a point where I can’t unsubscribe from the app and start everything on another platform. It’s incredible that they don’t see the trust and time we’ve put into Adalo and they don’t do something, months go by and there’s no evolution. Look at this video, it’s crazy!!! I have a macbook pro.

Hi @nachbsas,

I have found number of screens in the app to impact speed for me. I have cut out 30 screens, now running approx 130 and I can load in Firefox and Brave browsers slightly quicker. My feeling is you are right on the edge of your CPU limits. I guess that complexity of components on screens matters too.

Try clearing cache in browser and restarting. Once loaded you could make a copy, then cull a load of screens from it to see if this is the issue.

What Macbook and chip are you running?

For me…
Firefox would load 160 screens but would take 3 mins then hang up often.
Brave would not load 160.
Chrome / Safari are slow and unusable me.
Now working with 130 screens Brave browser has less issues with text box editing than Firefox imo, still slow and jumpy sometimes but overall a better editor experience for me.

I previously posted re: processor speed https://forum.adalo.com/t/text-box-getting-worse/25420/4

It’s a catch 22 because we are told not to overcomplicate screens and to spread processes across multiple screens, then we quickly reach the upper limits of our processor.

Any experts out there with screen count v processor / ram for comparison?