How to make items in a list to link to individual pages?

For example, if I have a page on a website for each restaurant listed in my ‘restaurants’ collection, how can I link each picture on the app to direct the user to the corresponding page?

Thank you!

Hi Daky,

I assume you are a beginner with building apps in Adalo. :slight_smile: (which is fine!)

I would suggest watch this video below.

Hey James,

That’s an excellent video!

It doesn’t explain though how to make each item in the list/collection link to another page.
I still need help with this.

I’ll try to make a quick video on this, just give me a hour.

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Still stuck on this :confused:

Hi Daky,

I made a quick Loom video. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much!

I am rewatching it for the 3rd time now trying to understand this method.
It doesn’t seem to be a very logical/convenient method of accomplishing a super basic task.

Is there any other easier way?

Thank you either way though!
I’ll keep practising.

Edit: I understand the method now, thank you, James! Not sure if there is a simpler way, but there definitely should be.

Edit 2: Just wanted to thank James once again, as his method is working perfectly fine. There actually is no need to create additional properties like in James’ video. You can simply test for the ‘name’ property or any other unique identifer.

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