Connecting each list's item to another List screen

I’ve been frustrated and overwhelmed with Adalo

I have been trying to create an app in which the user can choose a specific Hood of a city from the ( Hoods List ) and then be taken to a different screen that has a list of the stores that belong only to that specific chosen Hood (note: each hood has its own stores list )

and then the user can select a specific store from that ( (x)Hood Stores list) to be taken to a screen that displays the info of that store ( location/address and image and other info).

Here’s the idea:

(Hoods ) ( Hood2 stores ) ( Store 3 info )

Hood 1. . . . . . . Store1 … Image

Hood 2 … > … . . .Store2 … Address

Hood 3 … . Store3 … >…

My question is:
How to connect each list’s item to another different list (both of Hoods List and Hood Stores list) ?
{each item must lead to another different list screen}

I have been watching too many videos, tutorials, and reading forms yet none solved my issue ( deleted and created the app too many times )

I appreciate your given time with me

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