Clicking on an address and opening google maps (external)

in one of the screens of my app is an information about where a store is (a precise address will be always displayed (at least the city but otherwise the street address) - see image attached

I was wondering how it could dynamically open the Google maps native app (external to the app) when the user click on the address…so the user can see exactly the location in his google maps.

If you can help me with this, this would be fantastic!!

Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 9.25.15 PM

Hey @LawrenceB,

Welcome to Adalo! To perform this task:

  1. Create an action for the text (Full Address)
  2. Link to “Website” (Its the very last option)
  3. paste the following into the Website URL box it provides:

After the “=” select the magic text button and select Current or Logged in User’s > Full Address

Hope this helps, ill provide screenshots once I leave work!


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Hey Jordan

Thousand thanks!

Really appreciate your help



No problem bro! You can mark my earlier response as the Solution!

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