How to get there - Maps


Is it possible to have a button with a custom action that can take us to google maps and calculate a direction from where I am to the destination?

You have have a Link action that opens an external web URL, and set the URL to be a Google Maps URL. If the user has the google maps app installed on their phone it will open their Google Maps app.

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But it should insert the coordinates of the marker on Adalo.
Meaning… the google maps app would open but with the directions between where you are… to the marker.

Will this be a feature possible with the “Custom Actions” that is being prepared?

I think we do not need the Custom Actions. We have several solutions without using the google maps API.

Here it is:

Thank you for your time.

How do you encode the URL? There are spaces in every address, so even if I break out the address into multiple parts and encode it in the External Address, I’d still have spaces in the address if, say, the street name or the city were multiple words.

Example: New York
This would be broken out in a separate field but still requires a “%20” between New and York to be encoded correctly.

How are you handling this? I am stuck.