Clone, check email

Guys, first Happy 2021.
I would like a help:
I cloned this application -

Even if I’m copying, sending the email with the OTP code normally works.
It comes with the email “” and I was unable to find where to change this setting in order to enter another email and change the text in the body of the email

@CNST In the custom action you should be able to change the email address

I searched and did not find.
When you can clone this app and take a look at how the action is not there …
Only if I must be very inattentive, help me there. lol

@CNST When the user presses the button to get the OTP, you create a custom action. (Must be on a paid plan) If you want to see a video for it go to Youtube and search up Adalo custom actions Have a great day!

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