Need Help: After Cloning an App, I Don't Know How to Edit the Email Setting

Hi, I recently used a clone-able app (here: email verification clone) made by one of our community’s experts: ishantanusrivastava.

(By the way, a big shoutout to ishantanusrivastava for making this clone-able. Thank you, this really helps.)

I am trying to update its email setting, so it will send from an email of my choice, but I cannot seem to find the custom action with the webhook settings that allow me to update the from:email setting.

Any insight is appreciated.

I think you need to create your own custom action for it. There is no custom action on the button currently. Something like SendGrid would work for sending email.

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Thank you for the reply.
The cloned app can successfully send OTP-email verification, it’s just that it comes from "". See this image below.
So, apparently, something is working. However, when I examine all the actions (and automatic actions), I cannot find any custom action that controls the “sender email”, which makes it impossible for me to edit the sender email to my own preferred email address.

I must admit I’ve never really used cloned apps. However I know that when moving an app from one account to another, custom actions are still there but invisible, which is definitely an issue.

I’d try copying the UI onto a new app and build your own custom action.

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Thanks. This would explain the invisible custom action.

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