Collection wont apear

Why am I unable to use the current employee’s email, despite it existing?

Hi @LoneWolf ,

Check your app bar left icon, it should be link back.

Hello @LoneWolf ! You may lose the data of “current employee” somewhere. Try to click on the page name and see the data available/shared and make sure there’s no missing data

How do I do fix missing data?

This is how missed data is displayed. Also, you can see the sentence like that “Missed from… (page names)” and you can check these pages and see what is the problem

How do I allow the page to access the missing collections?

You have to make sure that all links that go to the specific screen contain the data as @Boglex stated.

If there is a link to the screen that does not contain the data, it breaks all data coming in and out of that screen for that collection.

It’s not clear how you have this set up to be able to explain it better. Perhaps if you could do a screen recording outlining what you want to happen and display the screens so that we can see what data is available on the screens, it would be better for us to understand.

Addition to all these brilliant replies! Patrick (@pford) did two videos about this issue! : Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Missing From Screen, Data Loops and Flow Breaks - YouTube , Adalo Tutorial: Most Common Mistakes - Current Data Not Available On a Screen - YouTube

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