Collections and relationships


I am currently trying (and failing!) to set up a collections and orgnanise the relationships. Essentially I have the below information and wondered if someone could advise on the best way to structure this, I am very nearly there but for some reason I am stuck on the groups side of things.

I have the following data

Vehicle Model - There are many vehicles.
Parts Groups - Fixed amount of part groups which remain the same for every vehicle.
Parts - Many parts which link to a specific vehicle.

I can get the parts to relate to a vehicle but can’t for the life of me get them to sort into groups. I can upload screenshots of the existing setup if that helps.


Hello, yes please if you can upload some screenshots, that will help.
Thank you

2022-09-01 11_50_22-Window
2022-09-01 11_50_35-Window
2022-09-01 11_50_44-Window

So as i understood, your problem is how to get these parts into groups. It’s just by creating a relationship between groups and parts, which will be each group can have multiple parts and each part belongs to one group.

Yes, I can get the parts to link to the make and model but for some reason when I try and sort the order as below.

Make/Model - Group - Parts

It shows either the parts for all of the models or all of the parts from the group! So I guess it must be something to do with the relationship of the group to the parts.

So have I got this right.

Make/Model can have mulitple parts
Groups can have multiple parts
Parts have one make/model

Still can’t get this to work. I have recreated all the relationships in the order above and everytime I click one of the groups it just brings up all the parts in the database, in other words it is not filtering for the make and model selected.

Anyone any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?

Hi @hbcommercial,

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Am I correct? : Vehicles , Parts and Groups :eyes:

Thank you


I am not sure!

Here is a link to the app, currently when I click into a category it brings up all the parts I need it to bring up only the parts in that category.

Parts App

Hi @hbcommercial,

Seems like some issue in your filter. Is it possible to make this app as clonable or give access for this email : ( gear icon on your editor left side > app access section and add that email ) to check this?

Thank you

Hi, thank you.

I have changed to so you can clone the app.


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Thanks! I didn’t get the data. Did you make it as Screens & Data?


Yes I set is as screen and data.


Thanks! Will check again!

Is anyone able to shed any light on this?

hi, did you find a solution or do you still need help?

Still need some help!

Hi @hbcommercial,

Sorry for the late reply!

Check the app again and let me know! : HB Commercial Parts App NEW Clone

Thank you

Hi, thank you!

It is doing the same thing though, it is bringing up all parts in that category and not filtering for the truck make and model?

Could you check again?

That’s it!!

Thank you, where was I going wrong?