Struggling with lists and collections + relationships

Hi all

I have these collections:-

Users (name, role, group)
Sessions (session_id, name, qty)
Production Jobs (session_id, sku, qty, group)

I’d like to display a list of Sessions for the logged_in user. I’m struggling with this as group is a field in users and in production jobs but not in Sessions.

The link between users and sessions is only via Production Jobs but I don’t want to display each production job, just the sessions where a user has a production job - if that makes sense?

I’d be so grateful for any help - this is my first post and I’m a new user.



Hi Claire and welcome to the Adalo forum!

Are you linking the Sessions and Production Jobs as well? Or are the name fields just the same?

I’d recommend using SKU as the name field for production jobs, then having a relationship to Sessions. That’ll let you filter all of your lists to Users>Production Jobs>Sessions.

Hope that helps!

Hi Erik

Thanks for the welcome!

Yep - I’m linking Sessions and Production Jobs via session_id and I have a relationship between them. Sku only exists in Production Jobs.

Also is it only the first field of each collection that is used in a relationship between collections?

Should this work?



Hi Claire,

Yes! You should be able to easily show the sessions related to the user through that structure. I just set it up myself!


@claireconza Were you able to get this working?

Hi @claireconza ,


  1. Who input production jobs data entry (total to make) ? Is it an admin of production department ? or production staffs that produce ?
  2. Does group consist of production staffs (bobbie,alex,coco) or produced items (teal yrs 1-3,grey-marle,teal-adult)
  3. session-sku is a summary of production jobs ?
  4. session is a summary of session-sku by date ?

Just to make sure, that users collection hold credentials for accessing app, not necessarily used as data for data entry.

If your app is accessed by an admin of production department, then you need to create just for this user in users collection, while production staffs which may or may not belong to group can be recorded in other collection, such as production staff collection and production group collection.

In summary, users collection in Adalo refer to access to the app, such as data entry and viewing.

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