Collections: Best practices

Okay, so is it better to have one large collection or too split it into different collections? Basically, I have a collection that could go either way. I could store everything in a single User’s collection or split it into two different collections: Users & Profiles
Which way is better? I feel like storing in one collection is probably better (that way you are not calling to the DB over and over for related information.)

Any advice?

I would do user and profile in one table, unless a user can have multiple profiles.

One database call will be quicker. Plus…
Adalo doesn’t do 1:1 relationships.

Yeah, after watching videos and reading some things yesterday that is what decided. Plus, one table was always faster than a DB join with php and mysql (years ago.) Sorry I didn’t reach out yesterday, I was extremely busy until about 5PM and you are ahead of me in time, correct. I dont know what today will hold but I will try again today (afternoon.)

I almost always stick with one collection and then use filters from there. For example, I made a social media app that has “spaces” for posting like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Rather than breaking them all up into different collections, I named it “posts” and then did true/false for what “category” I wanted it to be. This made it so I could simply display “posts” wherever I was, but then filter by “instagram is true,” etc.