Collections loading slowly again!

Having DB performance issues again today :weary: items are taking ages to load in the collections and at times not showing at all in the frontend!

Anyone else experiencing the same? :sweat_smile:


I’m having the same issue. My app is loading very slowly. Takes 10 seconds to switch between screens and list are taking even longer to load.

Yes it’s very slow right now

Seems Mondays is always bad and things struggle about this time :thinking:
Perhaps @ashley @Colin could you put this on your radar, as from my observations is getting pretty regular… seems as soon as the East Coast begins to come alive things begin to grind here in Europe.
Thanks :innocent:

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same… :frowning_face:

same… that’s awful

omg im sure im gonna lose my business if this keeps going

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Got better today but I am very worried. I am going intro production in the next days and hopping that Adalo will be more reliable when comes to this mater.

Hey @brunoribeiro if feel your concerns, I’m several months into development too and too late to go back :sweat_smile: I’m having similar experience to you, was slower earlier but in the last two ours seems much better. Yesterday was worse than before - as in my experience even if the builder is slow, the App reviews usually performs much better.

But as an update - I did get a reply from @ashley earlier today and she advised the team is aware of some performance issues on the platform. She advised some updates & fixes are in the pipeline so hopefully the dev team can implement these as soon as :crossed_fingers:

Good luck bro, if any issues resurface… lets keep this thread alive a long as possible, hopefully there will be no need :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

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It is fairly difficult to test when you don’t know if something is working because you made it work or if the performance is now better and the issue no longer occurs.

Good that there has been some communication, but it should be more public.


Totally agree @NigelG - and yes still having issue testing some functions that require “snappier” data :frowning_face:

I’m wondering if this is a dev environment issue…??

Anyone have an app Live who has performance issues?

BTW - I’ve not had any issues here in London, UK…so far anyway :slight_smile:

Hi @msmurfitt I’m in the UK too… But for me collections loading & reflecting changes i.e. changing a true/false value in the previewer seems to work, but the DB collection wont show this change for Several minutes after! Making it non-starter for checking functionality… so sticking to UI duties for now.

The Previewer starts slow but eventually quickens up, but lists can take an age to load 30-90 seconds (only have 5 items!)

Hope @teamadalo can sort this as its getting real painful :upside_down_face:

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I am giving up. This morning it is unbelievable slow again! I only have 9 users for TestFlight version. But we already have 1.6k users with the current version. I am really worried about the performance once people update to the Adalo app we made. This is going to be a problem with the current performance, so I may give up on Adalo and do everything again in native iOS, than I will have to find a solution for android, which is not my stack


Hey @brunoribeiro thats bad news bro… But before selecting Adalo I was going to go down the Flutter route, take a look at that - it looks very good and comes highly recommended :innocent: :+1:

Yes same here (Portugal)
Almost 3min to Open a list or create a Record :frowning:


same here, I’m going to lose customers because of this! Super slow, updates to the DB not working.
And also the stripe subscription component does not show the “subscription settings” when a user is subscribed so they can’t unsubscribe!

Thanks bro… I am a Swift Developer, and I believe that Dart will be better to adapt than javascript. (react-native). So, thanks for the suggestion.

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no worries, yeah flutter users Dart (as you know) but it will help reduce re-writes, as it will be one code base and you can “target” your device Mobile or web, sure there are some device specifics but will help remove the need for separate Android / iOS stacks good luck :+1:

This kind of slowness makes it unbearable to work in Adalo. Its been like this for the last few days. Trying to set an action to update a record takes 1-2 mins per click!

Also things aren’t saving which makes this just absolutely infuriating after spending 5 mins just making 3 clicks!