Collections within a collection?

I’m making a list of lists.

One list is “housing”. Another is “food”.

I understand that housing and food would each be collections, and I will have separate screens to display each list.

I also plan to create a higher level list called “resources”. The resources list will include “housing” which will link to the housing screen, and “food” which will link to the food screen.

Do I understand correctly that “resources” will also be a collection, and that the records in the resources collection will be “housing” and “food”?

If that’s correct, does anyone have useful tips on how to design the resources collection?

Thanks so much as always!

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Yea, you pretty much got it. essentially what you are doing is creating a relationship between resources and housing/food. Just be aware of what kind of relationship you want as it will determine how your database will be structured to accept data.

If you tell me how you’d want housing and food to fit into your resource collection fill me in on each collections separately ie. the purpose, how it’s collected/updated. And I can help with the relationship type.

Thanks for your input Jacob. It’s helpful.

We work a lot with the homeless and others in our community who are struggling to get by. So we’re building a list of resources those folks might find helpful, like where to find housing, food, medical care, etc. We plan to put that resource book into our app, along with other services.

The resource book will open into an intro screen, with a simple overview of how the book works. From there the user will go to a table of contents screen, which lists the major categories (housing, food, etc). The housing item, for example, will link to another screen containing a list of all housing and shelter facilities in town. Finally, clicking on an item in the housing list will take the user to a screen with information about that particular housing resource (address, contact info, description of the facility, etc).

That, for now, is the first draft version of the plan. I’d certainly welcome any thoughts you or anyone else might have.