Colonny - Connecting Local Communities

I built a hyperlocality social media app (Colonny). I pushed it publicly for the first time few hours ago and I have about 2000 downloads now.

Colonny connects neighbourhoods; Local Communities & Campus Communities alike.


To build and strengthen local communities across Africa, Colonny is designed to help connect people with their neighborhood, participate in the local community conversations, buy and sell to people around & discover new places nearby.

With Colonny, SMEs can have more visibility for the products/services. It’s a good use case for rallying to support local businesses, asking for recommendations, offering support, or meeting neighbors who share common interests.
Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen just how crucial hyperlocal connections can be. Colonny makes it easier to do this by bringing the real life local experience into the digital space.


-Text and Photo sharing
People can buzz their communities

-Messaging & Notifications
People can send private messages and receive notifications

People can relocate to a new community on the app when they move to a new environment. And we do not track users location at all.


Android App

iOS App

Thank you.


Congrats!!! nice work bro !! 500 user !!!

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Thank you boss!

Good app, very well made!
Good luck :+1:

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Thank you boss. You and @alexbarciog inspired my user interface. Thank you!


Well done! Super idea and very well executed. I wish you great success.

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Thank you!