Emberglow - Shop local black-owned businesses

Hello everyone!

So my first app with Adalo is now live on the App Store!

Emberglow is an app that helps our users discover local black-owned businesses. Rather than some of the current offers that provide only restaurants (EatOkra) or businesses on a national scale (Black Nation, Official Black Wall Street, I Am Black Business), Emberglow focuses on building a strong sense of community.

We do this by showing businesses within your local area (right now released with the Atlanta, GA market). As well as showcasing products from locally-based creators and shops.

Due to COVID-19, over 41% of black-owned businesses had to shut down permanently. And with a resurgence of cases, this number is only going to get worse. Emberglow is here to help raise black owners to bring their community together to support them. From real estate agents to lawyers, restaurants to dentists, you can find any business you need on Emberglow.

You can view the PWA at this link here

And you can download Emberglow from the Apple App Store here.

Take a look and let me know what you think! I have some ideas for some updates that I’ll be exploring once the Component Marketplace is released and I can explore some cloneable kits. Any and all feedback is appreciated!


You can also view more information on our Product Hunt page here. Leave an upvote if you like the project, thanks!

@austinkthompson Hi Austin, Great work! Great idea! upvoted on Product Hunt.

You probably know / work in progress:
I noticed that some of the links for in the details, e.g. Terms of us or Licenses etc are showing an about:blank or linking to the Favorite screen.
After deleting my account with the test email (don’t want you to have traffic for this on mailchimp for this) I noticed a Screen Missing. This should probably link to the Sign up or Welcome screen.

@karimoo thank you for letting me know! I’ve made some quick changes in the Adalo editor to fix those bugs and will have it pushed with the next release.

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@austinkthompson Excellent stuff. Simple and beautiful. Well done mate.

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Hi there. Love the concept and the mission. Quick question: I downloaded the app and noticed performance was a little sluggish. I’ve read up on the recent server issues that affected Adalo apps platform-wide and understand those issues are being rectified. I had contemplated building on Adalo with my own third-party database, in the hope of minimizing storage costs and insulating my business from these kinds of disruptions while the Adalo team works through the growing pains on that side of their business. That said, in playing with your app and others, it seemed like the performance issues go beyond serving data to the rendering of the components themselves. This shouldn’t be the case if Adalo apps’ codebase is React Native, as I’ve read. What has been your experience here? @Colin can you shed any light on the code question and why Adalo apps seem to be slow to render?

Good job!
The user flow is good :white_check_mark:,
The UI is also good :white_check_mark:,

This is looking promising… :blush: :rocket:
Keep it up!