Colors and icons selection


How can I create a selection of colors or icons inside a form?

Is there any trick that I can use?

Hi Tengku,

This could be pretty easy if you know how to type these lines in a terminal:

git clone
npx adalo publish

If you are interested, I made a custom component a while back that enables you to have a dynamic color and icon name pulled from the database. Lmk soon so I can publish the github repo and show you how to add the component to your account. (free)

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Thanks James.

The github link is no longer available or do you have the latest one?

That would be great if you can show me to add it to my account

Looks like your interested! I’ll publish the GitHub repo tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Just to make my life easier when you install the component, what computer do you have? (Mac or Windows)


Great! I use windows

Ok, if you don’t mind, please follow the post below to install WSL on your computer.

Don’t worry, I have installed this on my windows computer and I can publish components perfectly fine.

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Sure I will. Thanks mate!

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