Combining Lists

Is it possible to combine 2 different lists in my use case?

I have a screen, which contains a list of exercises. There are 2 types of exercises. Premade exercises, the ones that come in the app. And Custom exercises, the ones the users create themselves.

Currently, I need to have 2 separate lists on the same page. One is filtered to show only Premade exercises. The other is filtered to show only the logged in users custom exercises.

How can I combine these, so that there is only one list? I’d like this list to show Premade exercises + logged in users custom exercises, alphabetically.

Here are pics of the current setup:

Hi @jasondupree

Off the top of my head, I don’t think you can do this. There’s no “or” clause in Adalo, so you can’t limit visibility based on two properties. Hence you can’t show “public” exercises and exercises added by an individual.

My recommendation would be to show the lists on two different screens and give users the option of adding public exercises to their “private” collection. Then they could select the public exercises they want and they’d be visible in the same list.

Hope that helps!

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@jasondupree ,

Nice app you have here,

Adding @Erik reply and respect to him.

I would like to try to propose different mechanism, which I call binary total, it has been explained before, but perhaps another example would be a nice addition.

Add another field as number, we can call it exercise source type, whenever we want to categorize this as pre made, we can put number 10, and when we want this to be something else, such as user made, we can put number 1.

This illustration of 10 and 1 can be changed to 1000 and 100 to get more options to work with.

So to get all of them we can filter with type > 0, so all records with 10 and 1 will be shown, the reverse can work as well for type <= 11, but the latter will include 0 and empty too, but you can assign initial value whenever the record is created, for example number 100.

In the list, filter using this number, sort using other field.

Another use case to extend this is to get dual fields for sorting, which is to have another calculation field as a proxy to get different sorting we want instead of just 1 field sorting.

Hopefully my little knowledge find peace in your issue.


I think I have found a solution! I made it using a custom list and visibility rules. Attached video for anyone interested. We’ll see if the performance holds up with many users adding custom exercises, but it works pretty well right now.

@Yongki your solution sounds interesting, but I don’t quite understand it. Thanks for sharing though, maybe someone reading could find a use for it!


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