Make a chat groupe and video conferences

Hi, is it possible to make a chat groupe with more than two people chatting at the same time and if it possible to make video conferences.

The group chat is easily possible.

The video conferencing part is not as far as I can see. I am thinking of trying a workaround that uses a third party app but I am not even sure it would even work.

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Thats a feauture im interested in as well. Keep us posted if you manage to solve it, Solidad

@solidad i agree with your points .from my understanding videoconferecing is not possible .

you can use

Hello @GoldenBoy
Please check here Here are the Most Popular Video Conference APIs To be Considered for your Mobile App / Habr here listed best video conferencing solution providers list.might be any one solution provider solve your requirements

If you are looking for the clear video calling solution, here major searches end with the MirrorFly software. This video conferencing app builds with updated features to make videos with highly comfortable and simple to make use.

If you want further details, Let you see : How to Make a Video Chat App: Features, Tech Stack & Cost | HackerNoon

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Hello @alexsam
Your reference url really interesting thanks for sharing


I am planning to create group chat template that can be integrated to existing apps.

Current template only allow 2 users in chat and using multiple read status that can explode to lots of records.

I will post later in separate thread.

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@Yongki create idea .if you want any support please ask me I’ll help you .if you are looking for any 3rd party Chat SDK providers, here you will check it Top 10 Real-time Messaging API & Chat SDK in 2022 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 this article will guide you in choosing the best Chat SDK solution

Hi @richardonline ,

Thanks for the article.

I did make it through Adalo’s functionality, actually I extend the original template into Group Chat template.

You can play around if you like.

While it is not as responsive as popular messaging, the integration is really the key, we can link conversations to the existing collections and doing in-app chat, more controlled environment too for the owner of the app. :grinning:

Video calling is now available in the marketplace.

Disclaimer: I’m the creator of the component. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh yes. I saw it now on the marketplace :neutral_face:


Thanks Tyler for creating this component! :+1:

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Hi @richardonline Thanks for sharing this article. This post helps to learn more about video conferencing.


Je suis novice en code. J’ai installé le composant de Tyler, en test local sur le Play store, je n’ai aucun problème avec mes testeurs. Par contre en production j’ai toujours cette erreur qui bloque la publication sur le Play Store de Google. j’ai besoin de votre aide.

FATAL EXCEPTION: create_react_context
Process: com.cornerstonetechnology.yowlead, PID: 9537
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: couldn’t find DSO to load: result: 0
at com.facebook.soloader.SoLoader.doLoadLibraryBySoName(
at com.facebook.soloader.SoLoader.loadLibraryBySoName(
at com.facebook.soloader.SoLoader.loadLibrary(
at com.facebook.soloader.SoLoader.loadLibrary(
at com.facebook.react.ReactInstanceManager$

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Tyler ( @tylerssn ) can you help here? :slightly_smiling_face:

Est ce que vous savez si quelqu’un a une expérience un outil de vidéo conférence comme par exemple.

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Thanks for tagging! For now there is a native webview bug for react native that Daily is working on so it won’t render when published so it’s off the marketplace, but I’ll let everyone know when it’s back live!

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