📣 Community Update - May 2022

Hey y’all :wave:

This is our May Community Update. You can find last month’s update here. My plan is to update you on what’s going on at Adalo each month. You can expect to learn what we’ve shipped, what we’ve fixed, who we’ve hired, and much more. It was a busy month, so let’s get into it!

:man_construction_worker: We Have A Couple New Hires

First off, one of our own, Taylor Howard, has moved from working part-time to working as a full-time software engineer. If you are a component developer, you will get to know Taylor better! If you haven’t already, introduce yourself in the Friends of Adalo Slack channel #component-developers. Also, we hired a web & graphic designer, Horace Boston. In addition to various graphic design needs, he will be giving our website a nice update. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table!

:world_map: Location Officially Launched!

The long-awaited feature officially launched to the world. The team did a phenomenal job with this one. They didn’t just build one new component, but deeply integrated over a dozen new location-based features across the entire platform. Here’s 13 of those features:

  1. A new Location property type
  2. Address autocomplete for Location property types inside the Collections modal
  3. A brand new Location Input component with address autocomplete
  4. Address autocomplete inside forms
  5. Use addresses in Magic Text: grab the whole address or any individual piece like country, postal code
  6. Choose between different formats for a location’s lat/long coordinates
  7. Access the user’s current device location (save it to your DB, use it in Magic Text, etc.). We’ll ask for permission automatically but you can also do this manually anywhere you like with a new action.
  8. Filter lists of locations based on distance
  9. Sort lists of locations based on distance
  10. New visibility rules based on distance
  11. Use the full address of a Location property to show locations on a map
  12. Show the users’ location on a map on the web (previously this was for native only)
  13. New functions for getting the distance between two locations in miles or kilometers

You should find all you need to get started in the help documentation. Pay close attention to the Google Maps API key section. There are some specific APIs you’ll need to enable on the Google side to make sure everything works (also keep in mind you’ll need a Pro or Business account).

:construction: Design Versions Is Here!

When you’re building an app, it can be scary to make big changes. You don’t want to mess anything up! Now with Design Versions, you can save the current state of your app before making any major design changes without affecting your collections data. All of your screens, components, colors, fonts, etc. will be saved in each version. Don’t like the new changes? No problem, just restore your previously saved version. We’ll even automatically save a version before you restore just to make sure you never lose any changes. Check out the help documentation for more info.

:rocket: Launched: New Team Switcher and Updated App Switcher and Settings

We added a new Team Switcher! Within the menu on the right side, you will now be able to switch between the teams you have access to. Once you have selected a team, you will see the App Switcher now only shows the apps that belong to that team. Any apps that share a database will be displayed together. We have also updated the Settings modal! This will now only show you the settings for the selected team.

:mortar_board: Adalo App Academy Launches Soon!

The Adalo App Academy is almost done! We had a private soft launch and are getting final feedback before our public launch. We currently have over 100 courses. Some are from our own community members and Experts, leading thought leaders in the no-code space like Ben Tossell of Makerpad and Prakash from Xano, and my personal favorite is a course from Nir Eyal, the author of the bestselling book Hooked, a guide to building products people use because they want to, not because they have to. This Academy is going to help so many makers, and it’s only the beginning.

:trophy: Q2 Contest: 1 More Month To Submit!

This contest is sponsored by Abracadalo, an API toolkit to make your Adalo apps more powerful. The prize is a free year of their Master Wizard plan and three free months of Adalo Pro. The goal is to create the most useful feature with Abracadalo’s API builder. There’s so much potential with their amazing tool and we can’t wait to see what you build with it. For more information on how to submit, visit our forum post. The contest ends June 30th!

:zap: Quick Highlights

Here are a couple quick highlights from our changelog. We improved some Adalo editor functions. We made it so only organization admins can invite new team members via the App Access > Invite modal. We also improved styling of the Invitation modal. For component developers we added version numbers to free and premium public libraries.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

:alarm_clock: Support Tickets

Our average ticket first response time during business hours in April was 3.75 hours. Our average customer satisfaction score is 5.4/7.

Thanks for reading! What have you built with the new location features? Leave me a comment below :point_down:

:beers: Cheers,

Jesse Haywood
:bird: @social_haywood