[2022 Q2 CONTEST] Win a year of the Master Wizard Plan from Abracadalo and 3 free months of Adalo Pro

I’m excited to announce our second contest of the year!

This contest is sponsored by Abracadalo, an API toolkit to make your Adalo apps more powerful.

The prize is a free year of their Master Wizard plan and three free months of Adalo Pro.

The goal is to create the most useful feature with Abracadalo’s API builder. Some examples of what you could build:

  • Create an appointment system by using Calendar API and Notification API
  • Create a reminder feature with the Notification API
  • Create a Verification Code system with Notification API and Random String/Password API
  • Create a OTP password with the Random String/Password API and Notification API
  • Create a 2 factors authentication system with Notification API and Random String/Password API
  • Create a Custom Date Picker with Date API
  • Invite to calendar event with sms with Calendar API

Contest rules:

  • You will have 50 api calls to set up the feature (their Novice plan is free)
  • You can only use the default Adalo components (no paid components)
  • Abide by our contest terms and conditions

To enter the contest, submit a post to this thread with the following.

  1. A link of your PWA
  2. A short video demonstrating the feature
  • For a free way to do this, start a Google Meet by yourself, hit record, and share your screen.
  • Another option is Loom.

Contestants can submit as many applications as they want.

The winner will be selected based on most likes received.

Contest ends June 30th.

Good luck!


If you have any questions, shoot me or @Abracadalo a DM, and we would be happy to help!


I’d like to be the first to submit. I’ll record a video today and update this post.

“Happy Birthday To Who?” is a fun and friendly birthday reminder app.
This one features Scheduled push notifications & String API

“ProPaw” is the easy way to organize your pet’s information. I already created a tutorial video here: How to verify a user's email address upon registration using Adalo - YouTube This uses the scheduled email notifications API.

Third, I provided a tutorial in a different post showcasing Abracadalo’s Split API here: Not assigning relationship to user from secondary table - #4 by Flawless
I’ll also make a tutorial video for this one.

I don’t really care if I win. I’m a big fan of @Abracadalo’s work. Win or lose, I’ll still keep making tutorial videos helping y’all out. :gem:


@Lenabryant Thank you :wink: I’m having a blast with this brand!

Looks like the contest ends today… and looks like I’m the only contestant :thinking:

FYI, I used Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Character Animator, and OBS studio for the cartoon and recording. It was super easy and didn’t take long to configure. Maybe a couple of hours.

Branding is definitely one of my favorite parts of the process.

I’m glad that you enjoy the apps and my video content. I’m grateful that my videos are helping you out.