Need help in creating the structure of a property rental app

Hello forum thank you in advance for your help.

I am stuck and need some help. I created a simple app that allows you to see information about your rental property. This is working fine. I have collections with before you arrive info, during your stay and also checking out.

All that works fine but what I will like to do next is to use the same database to add more properties.

So for example on the collection with information about “before you arrive” I would like to have that information for the other properties. Of course they will be different based on what the end user chooses as the property that they are staying.

So this will be the workflow,
User log ins
Enters an access code (for the property they are staying)
They go to a page that has info about that property
That page has several sections, “before you arrive”, “during your stay”, “checkout”

Based on what I already created in terms of collections. Would it be possible to add to that database ?

How would I structure it so the end users will only see information about the property they are staying.

Thank you in advance, this may be easy to do but I am a new adalo user



Can you please share the database collections you already setup? Basically you would create a one to many 1:n from the user collection to the other collections you already setup. Then you filter the collection for the “Logged in User”.

Thank you for the update, really appreciate it
This is how I have it setup.

I have it setup one collection per property, however I would like to save time instead of creating one set of collections per property I would like to have one main DB where all the properties share the same columns but I have different data in each column per property at login. Right now my workflow is that I have to create a full set of collections (5) per property and I would like to have one main set of collections where all the properties will be on it.

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